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Aimee has been grooming for over fourteen years. She turned down a partial scholarship to the University of Toledo for Veterinary School and instead went to Ohio University to study Business Management in hopes that one day she would own her own salon. Aimee then attended Nash Academy for her professional training and continues to educate herself by attending groom expos, seminars and competitions. She grew up with a Scottish Terrier and West Highland White Terrier and they continue to be her favorites to groom. She now has two adorable Pekingese.


Matt has seven years of grooming experience. Matt has a degree in the Bachelor of Arts from Bob Jones University. He was then trained to groom by Aimee and in 2013 he jumped into the grooming competition world. These competitions are Groom Team USA sanctioned. Yes, that's right, he is competing against members of the USA Groom Team. At his very first competition, he competed with two dogs winning the 'Best First Timer' award for both and placing third in his division with his Standard Poodle. At his second competition he competed with two dogs and placed first in his division with his Kerry Blue Terrier. We are very proud to have him on our team at Aimee's.

Why us?

Here at Aimee's we push ourselves to keep learning and to keep improving our skills. Many groomers have no formal grooming education but we have it all, formal schooling and a competition winner. Every year we attend one or more grooming competitions, seminars and expos to ensure that we are current on all things grooming. It is also important to us to continue to educate ourselves on safety, nutrition, and recognizing medical issues such as skin disease, allergies, ear infections, tumors, gum disease, flea and tick infestation, dry eye and many more. Most of us only see the vet once a year for the annual check-up and vaccinations so as your groomer we do our very best to help make sure your pet is healthy and safe!

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